Fungus Gnats Control In Chennai

Fungus Gnat Control
Fungus Gnat Control in Chennai

Fungus gnats are a fruit fly–sized insect gadfly that primarily affects indoor houseplants. Drawn to the wetness of potting soil, adult gnats lay their eggs (up to concerning 200) on organic matter close to the soil surface. When concerning 3 days, the eggs hatch into larvae, that burrow into the soil to kill fungi and decaying material. Time afterward, adult gnats emerge from the soil to repeat the method. Adults live for concerning one week.
Fungus gnats are utterly harmless to humans, since they cannot bite and don’t unfold diseases. They will be a haul for houseplants, however, once their population explodes and their larvae starts to kill plants’ roots. Plant life gnats can also unfold fungus, a bunch of plant pathogens that causes “damping off” in seedlings.
Once you have a plant life gnat infestation, mistreatment consistent management and bar techniques is essential to ending it. any down on this page, we’ve listed a couple of the most effective ways in which to each get eliminate adult gnats and forestall new gnats from rising.


Size: Adult fungus gnats are tiny. Their size ranges from about 1/16 to ⅛ of an inch in length (1.5 to 3mm), which is about the same size as a fruit fly. Fungus gnat larvae may be up to ⅛ of an inch in length.

Appearance: Adult flora gnats square measure a greyish-black color and have gray or diaphanous wings. Their long legs and long antennae provide them a mosquito-like look, although they are abundant, abundant smaller in size. Compared to a pomace fly, flora gnats have a dilatant body with longer legs and antennae.
Larvae have tiny low, black head and a skinny, white or diaphanous body.
Activity: flora gnats tend to pay most of their time on the soil surface of potted plants; however, they will be seen flying round the outer reaches of the pot or close to emptying holes moreover. They are not sturdy fliers, so that they have an inclination to steer on the soil and fly solely briefly bursts. Their flight is erratic and that they square measure abundant slower than fruit flies, acting additional like mosquitoes whereas flying.
Annoyingly, flora gnats have an inclination to fly into people’s faces and drinks, although they are utterly harmless and some well-placed swats can show them what is what.

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